Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The view from our hotel window in Landgraaf

What do you expect to see through your hotel room window? Certainly not this!

We are in a beautiful hotel "Landgoed Overste Hof" on a lovely lake which was built on the farm, its still a working farm but only with a few animals left.  
Very charming place and great for having a break from a big city like London (which I still consider the best city in the world).
Today I had a very enjoyable an hour long run around a lake and surrounding woods.  While running I passed by a few fellow runners and cyclists and all of them were greeting me with "hoy".  Nice!

Tomorrow we will be heading towards Germany, leaving this beautiful country. One doesn't actually see the borders, only sings informing you that you're in a "different country". Amazing, isn't it?
Stay tuned!


Boye By Red said...

Lovely :-)

Red xx

Cristeen said...

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Magical Daydream said...

Woah I read the name of the hotel and instantly knew you must be in the Netherlands! (I live there) But you picked the worst time, the weather sucks! I think next week we will have some sunshine though.. Haha and yes, we saw 'hoi' and 'doei' all the time :)

Big Tavel Adventure said...

thanks for visiting 'bta', much appreciated.
yes we loved landgraaf but the weather was not at it's best =(.

hope by now the sun has come out and you are enjoying the summer this week!

hoi from lovely city of ulm