Monday, 23 July 2012

So far.. Köln Cologne, Wiesbaden, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Baden Baden

After we left rainy Netherlands the first stop was Köln or Cologne as we know it in English, very busy and touristy city.  We had a few hours there mingling with locals, had an 'eis' - ice cream, walked in front of their famous cathedral and on banks of the river Rhine.  We saw interesting buildings while driving over the old bridge and than we headed towards beautiful Wiesbaden.


Wiesbaden was very warm and busy, pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the city.  We parked the car at Hessian State Theatre and had a nice walk through the crowded park towards the city centre.  

Our next destination was Heidelberg, romantic city with a beautiful castle on top which was very impressive.
Karlsruhe was the next city we visited, the birth place of Karl Benz, the famous car inventor.  Have to say, small German cities are really charming in their own right. 

Arrived to Baden Baden late at night, had a rally nice walk through the deserted city centre which we liked so much that we had to come back tomorrow to see it properly.  It was raining all day tomorrow but the city was still pretty. 

We didn't have internet for days so could not update earlier.  We arrived to Ulm on Friday night on the 20th of July and had a great time staying at our old friends house.   The photos will be uploaded as soon as we can. 
Ulm deserves a separate post so stay tuned.

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Boye By Red said...

I love this picture and am glad that the German tour is going well.