Saturday, 17 December 2011

First Month of Big Travel Adventure

First month of our adventure have already past.  It's been very busy and time has passed so quickly.  

Few months back we have decided to leave London and travel the world.  As much as we love living in the best city in the world it was time to do something else.  
Travelling seemed sensible decision.  As much as we thought it will be easy to leave home it proved quite unnerving and stressful to start with.  
Not having day to day problems to deal with was very unusual to say the least.  

We are quite keen snowboarders so it wasn't difficult to choose our first stop. Banff Alberta, Canada.  We have been in Banff before and fell in love with the place.  It is a touristy place but the national park and slopes are beautiful, people are very friendly and the snow is amazing.  
We have decided to improve our snowboarding and enrolled ourselves on 11 week snowboarding instructor course.  After researching all possibilities on top of our list came friendly company "NonStop Ski & Snowboard".  We signed up immediately after attending their open day.  The course is starting at the beginning of January so we have plenty of time to get fit and enjoy the beautiful cowboy country Alberta.

We have been very lucky with a very good start of the season.  Mountains were already covered with snow when we arrived and all ski resorts were open. 

It's been snowing almost on a daily bases so it's a real joy to go to the mountains and ride fresh powder.  More about it next time.

We will be back soon with more from snowy Banff.

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