Monday, 12 May 2014

Nara City World Heritage Site

From 710 to 784 the capital of Japan was located in present day Nara City. Japanese culture flourished here under the reign of successive emperors and empresses during that era. Several historical sites have been registered on UNESCO's World Heritage List as Historical Monuments of Ancient Nara. Nara is a treasure house of ancient history and culture set in a beautiful natural enviroment. 

Japanese Flower Months, lucky charms. 

According to a legend, when Kasuga Taisha Shrine was founded as a family shrine for the Fujiwaras, a dominant aristocrat clan in the 8th century, they invited a mighty god from Kashima Shrine. The god is said to have come to Nara riding on a white deer. Since than, deer have been respected and protected as divine messengers by local people. 

Kasuga Taisha Shrine. 

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All this is so lovely, interesting and quite amazing. I wish i was there with you. zxx