Saturday, 3 May 2014

Kyoto - first day

Kyoto was very busu today, quite turisty area and lots of boutiques. We made our way towards famous Nishiki Market, food is amazing to look at, great experience and so colourful for photos. Sooo happy to be here and enjoying it very much.  Sushi was so fresh and delicious dinner. 
A few photos from today.  

Kyto Train Station

Higashi Hogan-ji Temple. Or "Eastern Temple of the Original Vow". 

Geishas buying sweets. 

The lady is mixing herbal tea with very hot chillies. 

Big variety of pickles. 

A shrine in the middle of Kyto shopping area. 

Pancakes with white bean paste in the middle at Shinkyogoku Kyoto. 

Tradition of hiring traditional attire and having fun arround the city. 

Sakura ice-cream. 

Temple in the park at night. 

Fun museum in one of the back alleys. 

Sushi is good arround here. 

Our living room for the next few days. 

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Hey, add some cool attractions from Bosnia & Herzegovina to museuly!