Monday, 28 April 2014

Minatomachi and Shellfish Museum

Not far away from Niseko is Shiribetsu Cape and place called Minatomachi, just on the coast where river Shiribetsu joins Sea of Japan.. 
Quaint little fishing village where you can enjoy long beautiful beaches and have Zen moments with the sounds of the sea and birds. 
As one would expect there are a few fishmongers who are selling just about every living creature that swims, crawls and burrows in the surrounding sea.  They were drying fish in the open air or inside with a help of a few electric fans. 
Brief stop at the Shellfish Museum where we saw the clam shell that weights 194kg. 
It should be mentioned they sell very tasty home made ice-cream. 
Driving along the coast we came across the abandoned Raiden Hotspring Hotel with breathtaking views. Going around we managed to see inside of a derelict onsen, for sure at some point it looked amazing. What was interesting is that you could still see shampoo bottles, bathing stools sitting around as if somebody just shut the doors and left. 

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